3 AM?!

20 Jul

I was sitting outside by the pool on Sunday morning when I got the predictable question from my Dad:

“Why don’t you just leave in the morning?”

Now, the only problem is, that I have class at 8 AM and would need to leave at 3 am to make it from Boston to NJ in time. And it turns out I was crazy enough to do it. It was such a beautiful summer day that I could bear to waste it in the car. We also needed to pick up Sean’s laptop in the Bronx from his old apartment and the traffic on a Yankee game-day would have in awful.

We ended up making the trip in over 5 and a half hours. We got a little turned around in the Bronx, hit construction traffic in Connecticut on I-95, and then rush hour traffic trying to get into Boston around 7:30.

The jury is still out on if it was worth it. I made it to class late and I can’t do that again so I’m guessing we won’t try it again. We’ll see though because I know my Dad is going to suggest it next time!

The rest of the weekend looked like this:

Friday: Read magazines and relax, run 1.5 mi + ab ripper x

Saturday: Philly to drop off Jill’s couch and see the new place (which is awesome and I wish I took pictures!), short bike ride and baseball with Sean and the little boys.

Sunday: Run 5 miles (awesome run!), do homework, lay by the pool, eat family dinner outside.

It was a really nice weekend to be home and I’m glad we went!

— Jul


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