Catching up

24 Jul

Good thing I just started blogging and I’m already playing catch-up..! I blame it on the fact that I have an unreliable internet connection in the apartment I’m subletting (a.k.a. I have to “steal” access via unsecured connections elsewhere in the building.)

So let’s recap the week. Last time I blogged was Monday after the treacherous early-morning drive from NJ -> Boston.

Monday night: trained a client, did my Core Synergystics workout, got a Boloco Teriyaki Bowl (with lettuce as the base instead of rice) and tofu. I ended up getting sick in the middle of the night. I think that was from taking my pill and not eating enough dinner after my workout. 😦

Tuesday: worked all day, ran a 5k on the treadmill, had homemade pasta salad for dinner at home

Wednesday: woke up absolutely exhausted. In Entrepreneurship our group’s “National Treasure” board game got second place in the class vote for best creative idea! I did my Legs/Back workout between classes. After class I read a magazine on the elliptical for about 30 min to flush out my legs and mostly just to read InStyle. I trained a client and then drove Sean out to Brighton for an appointment. After the appointment, which didn’t end until 8, we went to a place called Esperia Grill on Washington Street. The place was really cute and the food looked amazing but it took them 40 minutes to prepare our take-out. Needless to say, it left a bad taste in my mouth, but I would definitely go back. I got the spinach pie, side greek salad, and lentil soup. The pie was very good but quite heavy and filling. I ate about 2/3 of it and the salad. Although the food was not cheap, it was definitely worth the price because I got 2.5 meals out of it!

Thursday: 25 min Yoga for Runners session, worked all afternoon, took Kim’s Cycle 45 class. Class was fun but my legs were really sore from yesterday’s workout so I gave it about a 50% effort for most of class. After that I rushed home to shower and meet Jaime for a movie. I heated and wrapped the rest of my spinach pie in a whole wheat tortilla spread with spinach and artichoke hummus – AMAZING. We walked to the Commons to see Twilight – Eclipse. I have to say that it didn’t blow me away… it felt a little slow. I’m glad we went but I definitely wouldn’t rush to see it again. I didn’t feel like going out after so I just went over to Sean’s to hang out.

Friday: went to the gym to do my Shoulder/Arms workout with DB’s instead of at home with the resistance bands. I enjoyed the variety and I think my muscles did too 🙂 After some lunch (lentil soup and a million tortilla chips) we drove over to the CambridgeSide galleria for a little shopping trip. I was expecting amazing sales but ended up not finding too much. At the Gap I got a cute white t-shirt:(ignore the wrinkles..)

And these beautiful sunglasses:

I also picked up some new undies from Aerie <– I love that store, btw!!

On the way out we stopped at the candy kiosk and I down some minty-smooth candies (those white chocolate peppermint disk-shaped ones).

For dinner we went to Tomodachi Sushi. I thought the place was cute but I was not impressed with my Boston Roll. I think it’s my fault though because it’s such a boring and bland choice. I also had some yummy seaweed salad and edamame. I wish the edamame had sea salt, not plain table salt!

Afterwards we went to Sean’s where I made these DELICIOUS cookies. We watched a little bit of The Pillars of the Earth series premiere but then I realized that it’s too graphic in visual form! I can edit the images in my head when I read the book!

And now it’s Saturday! And I’m on the computer writing this textbook-long post so it’s time to head outside for some sun! I think we’re going to walk down to the river to catch some sun and enjoy the afternoon.

Hopefully I’ll be back before next Friday 😉



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