What a weekend

26 Jul

It’s nice to arrive at Sunday evening and feel like you had an eventful, yet relaxing, weekend.

On Saturday, Sean and I took a 3 hour (6 + miles) walk around Boston. We were like tourists in our own city! It was really fun and a wonderful way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Here are some pictures!

We ended up on Boylston Street at Solas – a cute Irish pub.

We were pretty much starving by then because it was already after 3 pm. We were seated upstairs and immediately ordered waters, a beer (for Sean), wine (for me), and the Sweet Potato Wedges appetizer. The picture below does not even do the dish justice… it was simply amazing (and about 1/3 of the way devoured when the picture was taken).

Since I knew I would be feasting on the appetizer, I ordered a simple tomato and house-made mozzerella salad for my entree. It was delicious but I couldn’t even finish after stuffing my face with yummy sweet potatoes, cheese, and bacon…

Although the service was a little slow, I would definitely return. It looks like a fun bar scene at night too!

The rest of the evening consisted of a food coma induced nap, and a few movies – “I Love you Beth Cooper” and “Hitch”. I’d never seen the first one before and actually thought it was pretty funny!

Sunday morning (today) I was up bright and early at 6:50 to run. After eating, hydrating, and digesting, I hit the road at about 8:00. It was already hot but bearable when in the shade.

Distance: 6.4 mi

Time: 1:03:47

Av. Pace: 9:57

*Notes: took 3 – one minute walking breaks at 25:00, 40:00, and 55:00.

I forget how hard it is to get your legs used to “longer” distances! It felt great to be out there – I love running along the Charles!!

After a shower, some homework, and a nap, Sean and I headed out in the car to Target. I picked up a cute pair of grey shorts (on sale), some Lindt Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt (my obsession!!) and a box of Kashi. Then it was time to explore. We were trying to find our way out of the city on Route 1 in order to get dinner at someplace different. The didn’t exactly happen… we couldn’t quite find Route 1 and ended up just driving out to Porter Square via Mass Ave through Cambridge. It all worked out perfectly though because we got a great parking spot in front of just the kind of place we were looking for! Newtown Grill has a smaller take out store and a larger bar/restaurant. We walked straight into the take-out portion and ordered our dinners. I got a grilled veggie sub and Sean got the fish and chips he’d been craving! We sat at the counter and people watched out the window. Exactly what we wanted!

The ride back was much smoother and since then I’ve been studying for my only midterm (Entrepreneurship), working on my Organizational Behavior term paper, and browsing the world wide web.

as I said, what a weekend!



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