It takes a certain amount of discipline…

31 Jul

… to maintain a blog. Or so I’ve learned in the past few weeks. It seems that every time I get on the computer there is something more interesting to do than write about myself. I write hundreds of blurbs in my head over the course of the day but some where along the line they are lost.

Last week went by pretty quickly, in fact, I’m already home in NJ. Sean and I drove home after work/class on Thursday afternoon. We spent the morning on the beach in Avon and now I’m here, slightly pink, and very happy.

I played soccer on Monday for the NU Personal Training intramural team. It was SO MUCH FUN! I can’t wait to play so many sports this fall 🙂 We won 2-0 and I got to play the whole game since we had no subs.

The combination of a 6 mile run on Sunday morning, Core Synergystics on Monday mid-morning, soccer in the evening, and then a 3 mile run on Tuesday morning left my legs completely DEAD on Wednesday. I knew there was no way doing my Legs/Back workout was a good idea (or even possible!). Instead, I took yoga at Marino on Wednesday night.

Thursday I woke up feeling MUCH better and hit the gym for Shoulders/Arm and Ab Ripper plus a 30 minute virtual spin class on the new spin bike.

In terms of class, I had my Entrepreneurship midterm on Wednesday. I think it went well but I was in a funk all day so who knows?! Group project deadlines are starting to loom so I want to get my individual paper rough drafts completed this weekend!

I should* be back this weekend with more action, so we’ll see how disciplined I am 😉 I’m banking on this getting easier!



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