Relaxation at it’s finest…

8 Aug

It’s Sunday morning and I actually feel like it’s been a long weekend! Probably because I don’t have class on Thursday đŸ™‚ and because I’ve done a lot!

Wednesday afternoon I got a text from our former neighbors from Colorado! Kathryn and Trenton were in town for the weekend and wanted to meet up! So Thursday I met them at the Prudential Center after their Duck Tour and lead them to Legal Seafood. I’ve never had lunch there but it was delicious! I shared a few of the appetizer mussels and then ordered the Grilled Mediterranean Salmon for my entree. It was fantastic, and a perfect portion! It was served with a little hummus, cucumber yogurt dip, pita chips, and a cold orzo salad. I had a great time catching up… I miss Colorado and all of the great people there!!

Afterwards, I had time to come home and catch a quick nap before my long-lost bff Rachy came! She’s back from Central Europe and came in to celebrate her bday in Boston! yay đŸ™‚ After spending many many hours sitting on the couch at JR’s place watching tv, we finally went out to Landsdown Pub.  After a few drinks and laughs there, we made out way to Our House to end the night. It’s pretty awesome that the bars close at 2… I’m a grandma and can’t handle much later then that!

Friday morning was spend reading (and finishing) Eat, Pray, Love — which I did, indeed, LOVE. I did some homework, sold my ORG B books back, and then hit the mall and left with nothing. I hung out with Seany for a little and then went to the most amazing yoga class at Back Bay Yoga. It was called “Yin Chill Flow”. There was an optional 15 min meditation at the end which I stayed for about 8 minutes of. I loved the class because we held all sorts of opening and stretching poses for a longer time which really left me feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated. I was a little tight and tweaky when I went in but the class cured everything đŸ™‚

Sean and I spent the rest of the night at the dining hall and then his apartment watching the Yankees lose to the Sox đŸ˜¦

It was a great start to the weekend! Be back later with more…



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