Staying Strong (Island)

22 Aug

Hello from Commack, Long Island!

Mike is playing a tournament out here this weekend so I offered to come and keep my Mom company. We ended up leaving on Saturday morning so I got to enjoy my Friday night at home with Sean! I had dinner at his house and ate delicious turkey sausage, pepper, and onion with homemade sauce! The best part of dinner by far was the whole wheat bread from Stop and Shop ❤ I’m thinking I should get some to make sandwiches on…

After dinner we went out with Chris and Sheevey to see Scott Pilgram vs The World. It was a weird plot but actually pretty funny!

Saturday we left home at 6 am and drove out to Long Island. I was planning on running my 10 miles on the training plan once we got there so I wore my running clothes. We made GREAT time and I was on the road at Sunken Meadow Park for my run by 7:45! It was a beautiful running morning with so many TNT people out 🙂 They were all so friendly<3

The Run:

Distance: 10.0 mi

Time: 1:30:00

Pace: 9 min/mile

I was using my Nike+ to calculate the mileage. I’m not too confident in the accuracy so I ran until the clock said 1:30:00 (which the watch said 10.24 mi) just in case. It felt like I was going pretty fast but I just couldn’t believe I was running less than 9 minute miles… It really doesn’t matter because it was a strong 90 min run and I will really never know! (although it would be nice 😉

Luckily my Mom brought me some breakfast from the hotel so I would eat on the way to Dick’s. After wandering around there and then at Walgreens, we came back to the hotel to try and check-in. 2 hours later, I finally got to shower!! My goodness, I smelled.

I had a panini for lunch:

Honey Roast Turkey (I removed about half), cheddar, honey mustard, on whole wheat foccacia.

The rest of the day was spent at the ball field and eating. Seriously, I was hungry all day! Here’s a list of what I ate…

Pre-run: 1 piece whole wheat bread, banana, ~1.5 T pb, strawberry jelly

Mid-run: 4 oz Vitamin Water + 6 oz water, ~1/4 c raisins


  • 2 pieces whole wheat toast
  • 1 banana
  • 1 T PB
  • Panini (pictured above)
  • Gatorade (3 C low calorie)
  • ~50 cal hot cocoa
  • Apple
  • Larabar
  • ~1/2 c oatmeal squares, cashew, raisin/craisin trail mix
  • Salad (a little bit of lettuce, chickpeas, crutons, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, cottage cheese, grapes)
  • White bean Chicken Chili

… and then I woke up starving! I guess that’s what 10 miles will do to you. Gotta feed the machine 🙂

Looks like we’re going to stuck here until Monday… boo! On the other hand, it’s not like I have anything else to do!



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