2 Sep

Continuing on in the recap of summer vacation…

Sunday, August 29

Dad and I were up at the crack of dawn (well, 6:15 am) and on our bikes for a long ride by around 7! We mapped out a 20 mile route that would end at the beach. We planned it out so that Mom and the kids could meet us there with coffee, breakfast, and beach chairs! It was a beautiful morning! I found the ride to be pretty easy, less a short hill or two. It definitely felt easier than the 6 mile run I skipped… No regrets here though! I was happy to spend the morning with my Dad. My legs felt a little tired after but my appetite was not raging, weird.

We came home from the beach, visited my Grandparents and then headed to Tom’s first Pop Warner football game. Tom did really well for his first outing! It was SO SO HOT so Sean, Mike, Kiera, Bill and I left at half-time. Sean and I made a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts for a little date. My iced coffee and 2 munchkins really hit the spot 🙂

I can’t remember for sure what I did for the rest of the afternoon… but later that night I picked up Sean and Kait and went to Donovan’s. (2nd time at the beach that day!) It was pretty fun! We didn’t see too many people from HS like I expected because the place was pretty empty. We hung out with Christy, Kait, Nick, Melissa, Ali, and a few other people. Fun 🙂

Monday, August 30

Since I didn’t go my scheduled 6 mile long run over the weekend, I wanted to make up a few miles. I know you’re not supposed to try and make up missed long runs, so I didn’t! Billy had wanted to run with me, so we headed out at around 8:45. It was definitely too hot by the time we left, but I was quite sleepy from my late night out (ha!). Billy took of sprinting! I kept telling him to slow down but he refused and kept clomping along… I stayed behind him most of the way nursing my dead (bike) legs. After abour 10 minutes, Bill had to stop due to a cramp so we walked for a few minutes. After sprinting again, 8 minutes later, we had to stop again! I guess that’s what you have to expect from a 10 year-old! It took us about 40 minutes to complete approximately 3 miles. I felt pretty good by the end!

I think I need to work some easy recovery runs into my training. Adding a mile here and there during my strength workouts might be a good way to go! Of course, I could do some cross-training too. We’ll see!

After showering and eating, I met my Mom at the stores for a little shopping! 😀 I ended up getting a black Under Armour workout tank from Modell’s for $12, and NEW BOOTS from MJM! I ❤ them.

I went over to Sean’s after for a little Panera date (the new Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken salad was AWESOME!). We spent the afternoon by the pool and in the A/C. I was pretty spent.

Tuesday, August 31

Another BEACH DAY! Sean and I were at Monmouth Beach by 8:45 🙂 It was an awesome morning of reading (me), snoozing (Sean), and bronzing (debatable, but both ;)). We couldn’t go in the water because there was a strong riptide advisory and there are no lifeguards at Monmouth Beach.

I was home by noon and ended up getting a last minute dentist appointment for 2 pm. After getting a perfect score at the dentist (ha-ha) I set out for back-to-school grocery shopping with Mom. We first hit up the grocery section at Target and then Costco. I won’t type up what I bought, but it was a pretty good deal at Target!

Since I didn’t run in the AM, I set out for my speed workout around 7:20 when the temps dropped. It was an awesome speed workout!

Distance: 4 miles (1 mile warm-up, 3X 1600)

Time: Warm-up- 8:38, Mile 2- 8:15, Mile 3- 8:35, Mile 4- 8:03 = Total 33:33

I walked the last mile home for a total of 5 miles in 46 minutes. It felt great to be speeding along and remain mentally tough the whole way!

Sean came over after dinner to watch Salt. It was alright, but the company was better 🙂

I ended the night with a scoop of Peanut Butter Ripple ice cream with a crumbled chocolate chip Acme cookie… perfection.

Wednesday, September 1

Can’t believe it’s September already!! I got in a good final P90x Chest and Back workout after doing a little packing in the morning. We went out to lunch with Auntie Mary at Jakeabob’s in Union Beach. It was selected completely on a whim and ended up being the perfect spot!! I had a grilled chicken salad for lunch but don’t let the lightness fool you… I filled up on yummy kettle chips (homemade?) and fried calamari. We ended the meal with the “Mile high Chocolate Cake” which was huge, and the molten raspberry lava cake. Hard to say which I liked more… tried enough of each though!

I was STUFFED and felt pretty yucky for the rest of the day. My body isn’t used to being bombarded with all that fried and sugary food! I do believe that a big indulgence once in a while lights a little extra flame in your metabolism because you’re body isn’t used to it. Now that is the exact opposite of all scientific evidence, but I think once in a while it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Kiera and I spent the rest of the afternoon in Freehold shopping our <3’s out! I got some great stuff from the Christmas Tree Store and then a dress and compression shorts from Forever 21. (Oh, and my Banana Republic jeans came in!)

I baked more Scuffins, and then Sean came over and we watched our two favorite shows- Entourage and Hard Knocks! Another fun night in with Seany 🙂

And now we are current!!

I don’t really plan on doing this all the time. I don’t need to remember all the mundane details of my life, but I wanted to document summer vacation where the days seem to fly by and you can’t remember what you did!

See you from BEANTOWN!!



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