WIR – Week in Review

2 Sep

Phew! It’s already been 7 days since I last posted?! Where did the time go? I guess that’s what happens on vacation 🙂 I think I’ll start from where I left off and recap each day…

Wednesday, August 25

I started my morning with P90X Yoga which is a great sweaty strength workout. Then I went searching for new running shoes! I really wanted to try on the Brooks Ghost 3. Oh COURSE, Road Runner Sports did not have my size so I had to order it online anyway. (BTW- Endless.com has had FREE OVERNIGHT shipping on new items!!) Next, I went out to lunch at Eurasian Eatery with Sean, his mother and grandmother. I had been looking forward to eating there! It’s a very vegan and vegetarian friendly restaurant with an array of very different and interesting dishes. I had the falafel burgers that come served with a pita stuffed with lettuce and tomato. It was delicious! I would definitely like to try a more adventurous dish next time!

Afterwards, Sean and I took a trip to Best Buy to look at TV’s. I didn’t end up buying one. My mom told me later in the week that I can take my Dad’s 22″ Vizio from over the bar in the basement. My parents didn’t want to me to spend money on a cheap-y one that may not fit my needs next year. YAY!

Later that night, I made some Healthy Carrot Cake Power Scuffins. They were a HUGE hit! My Mom really loved them and I’m going to make another batch for her to freeze before I go back to school 🙂 I didn’t have spelt flour so I used WW and reduced the amount by 2 tbsp. I also make 12 smaller scuffins instead of 2 large since they had to be tested by so many people! Finally, Sean came over and we watched Hard Knocks <– LOVE.

Thursday, August 26

According to my training plan, I was supposed to do a 6-mile tempo run. Unfortunately, I could really feel my shoes giving out on me and my shins were starting to yell. I’m actually really proud of myself for not pushing it and going for a run anyway. Instead, I made use of my beautiful new bike and rode through the park for a hard 45 minutes. I got a sweat going and felt good afterwards!

After much stress and chaos, Jill and I made it on the road to Philly so I could drive her back to school. She’s keeping the car down there but there was NO WAY I was letting her drive with me in the car! (No offense ;)) We made it with no problem at all and had her stuff moved in not long after. I spent most of the afternoon on the couch with Jill and her BF watching movies (500 Days of Summer – eh, and Invictus- good, but I’d like to see it again). The only tough part about the visit was that they had no running water…. gross. We were going to make fajitas for dinner but we couldn’t wash her hands and they didn’t have a sharp knife to chop an onion- the horror! We ordered from Mina’s in Manayunk and I had a greek salad with the most feta cheese I’ve ever seen! It was good though because it was in blocks and I was able to save a lot for Jill!

We went out around 11 to a bar to meet up with her friends from her Alternative Spring Break trip last March. It was fine but I’ve really got to get my “going-out” legs under me! The highlight was definitely the walk with Jill and getting to see downtown Manayunk!

Friday, August 27

Jill drove me to 3oth Street station so I could catch an early train home. It was a nice day and I NEEDED to hit the beach!! After taking the train to Trenton Transit Center and switching to the NJ Transit, I was in Metropark by 11 and home by 11:30. After a quick lunch, I picked up Sean and we were plopped on Monmouth Beach by 12:45 🙂 Not bad at all! It was a *perfect afternoon for the beach! After spending some time chatting with Nick and his new girl, we headed home.

I still wanted to make up my missed Thursday run, so I headed out with my Dad at around 7:15. We ran an awesome 6 miles TOGETHER (!) at a speedy (for me) 8:40 pace 🙂 I was a happy girl. The pace felt hard but GOOD and I was so happy to run with my Dad the whole time and not feel like I was constantly catching up or slowing him down.

New Shoes:

I ended up staying in… not sure why but I guess I was tired from the long day.

Saturday, August 28

Aspen and I went for a lovely 45 minute walk around the neighborhood in the morning. It was nice to get out for a walk! I believe I spent the rest of the morning laying out by the pool! It was a hot one, but the pool was still cold from all the rain! Later in the day, after lunch, I did a P90X Chest and Back workout. I felt tired and weak so it definitely wasn’t a great workout. I even skipped AB Ripper X in favor of a few ab moves of my own. I think a combination of sun and lack of fuel/water did me in :-/.

I got a last minute call from Sean asking if I wanted to join him and his family for an evening at Avon with pizza and fishing… um YES! It was the most perfect weather at the beach!! It was a nice night, I’m so glad I went! Here’s a picture:

And that’s all for now! I’m going to start a new post with the recap of Sunday – Today. Bye, bye!



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