250 and 11 miles

5 Sep

Made it to Boston!

Dad, Mom and I were up and out of the house by 5:15 am on Friday morning. 4 hours and change, we were in Boston! It was the most relaxing and non-stressful move-in’s I’ve ever had! It must be because I’m a senior!!

After unloading the car, rearranging the room, grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, and then building my storage unit, we were off to grab Wollaston’s sandwiches. I got the Green Monstah (turkey, guacamole, tomato, & cucumber).  Finally, we hit up the bookstore! My Dad got the sweatshirt he’s been wanting for a while and then they were off! Hurricane Earl threats combined with Friday night Labor Day Weekend traffic, forced them to rush in and out.

Olga got in around 5:30 and our other roommate Justine will be here Monday. I was pretty spent so after stopping by Rachel’s to see her new place, we came home and hit the hay.

Saturday: Long Run Day! 🙂

My alarm went off at 6:05 and although I was a little tired, I was excited to see semi-clear skies! I put on a pot of coffee and made 2 pieces of toast with PB, jam, and a banana.

I was on the road by 7:20! My legs felt tired but mentally I was in a good place. The first 45 minutes went pretty quickly. I ate some Craisins at minutes 30 and 60. I think I need to get some better fuel though because I don’t think the raisins/Craisins are doing the trick. I also had my hand-held water bottle filled with Vitamin Zero mixed with water. Unfortunately…. when I washed it that morning I must have left some soap in the bottle because it was slightly sudsy :/

Distance: 10.7 miles

Time: 1:45:45

Pace: 9:54

It wasn’t my fastest effort, but all things considered I’m happy with the run!

Note to Self- shirt rubs under arm because it's slightly baggy!

Today (Sunday) my knees are really sore which usually doesn’t happen. I tried to take an ice bath after but the water wasn’t very cold and I got impatient didn’t fill the tub enough. Oh well. I definitely need to foam roll and do some yoga today.

I ran some errands (books only cost $115!) and then went outside to sit in the quad. Actually, I was there for 3 hours! Olga’s mom brought her new puppy so we puppy-sat while she moved in.

Skipping the evening that I spent lounging and napping, at around 10:00 Olga and I headed to Symphony St to a party with our friends. It was pretty fun and great to see everyone again!

Not sure what I’m up to today… but Sean’s moving in! 🙂



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