P90x Reflection

6 Sep

I’ve officially completed my version of the P90x Plan! I started back in June with a plan that fit my schedule and goals. I followed the “Lean” program and completed my own cardio workouts on the “Cardio X” and “Kempo X” days. I didn’t always do Yoga X, sometimes swapping in another yoga session or only doing 7o minutes of the DVD.

Overall Thoughts:

I absolutely loved the workouts, the variety, and the program in general. I felt strong and motivated each session! Legs/Back definitely caused the most soreness for me! I loved Core Synergystics and felt like the workout went quickly. By the end of the program, Ab Ripper X was still hard because I was able to do some of the progressions instead of the easy version.


I took some before and mid-program pictures and honestly they looked pretty similar. My abs were definitely more toned as were my shoulders. Most of all, I feel stronger now. I can do 15-20 consecutive pushups and I just feel more durable.

I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who has been exercising reguarly and wants to commit to something longer-term. In fact, I believe Sean is starting the program today!

What’s Next:

Currently, I must admit I’m pretty burnt out on the program. I was happy to be finished when I was! I would 100% do it again, just not for a while! I don’t know how people do the program back-to-back…

Since I’m in the midst of half-marathon training, the last few weeks have been more focused on that than anything else. If I take “After” photos and measurements, I’m really not expecting anything amazing since my attention has been elsewhere.

I’ll do a post later on what’s next for my training program!


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