Big moves!

14 Sep

I have officially enrolled in and attended my first Spanish class in 4 years! After re-reading the class description for one of my Entrepreneurship classes and realizing it was basically a marketing class, I made the big decision to drop the concentration and take Spanish! I’m still going to take the other ENT class in the spring (assuming that it looks interesting) but I really want to spend my time and money taking something I find practical and applicable. It felt like a big decision at the time, but now it just feels completely “right”.

So after all of the class switching excitement, it was time for a night out!


It was a really fun night!

I went for a lovely 8-mile run the next morning in perfect fall weather ❤ I tried to sleep in but failed miserably so I ended up hitting the road by 8-something and taking a much-needed nap later in the day.

At some point I baked…

Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

… and then made perfect Sunday FOOTBALL food! I found this recipe for Taco Calzones and just knew that I had to make them for Sean. They turned out amazing! It’s definitely a “keeper” 🙂

Taco Calzone

I forgot to add the cheese in the first two (of four) but it worked out well because I ate one of those and didn’t miss the cheese at all. I think I’d do the same thing next time. YUM!

Spanish class on Monday was exactly what I hoped for – all listening, speaking, and writing. I will be fluent in no time 🙂

And to cap-off this monumental post – I APPLIED FOR MY FIRST REAL JOB TODAY!



One Response to “Big moves!”

  1. Lauren September 14, 2010 at 9:37 pm #

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the Taco Calzones!!!

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