I’m Quitting

3 Oct

It’s painful to start something, get really excited, commit, and then gradually realize you don’t love it quite as much as you initially thought. I am not someone who quits. I have always been taught from a young age that if you start something, you finish it. Not liking the coach, sitting the bench, or getting bored with the sport are not valid reasons for quitting. (There are, of course, valid reasons – like if the coach is abusive).

One of my promises to myself this semester was to do only the things that bring me happiness or better the lives of others around me. The Club Running Team has not turned out to be everything I hoped for. The leadership is poor, organization is non-existent, and there is no real “team” feel or camaraderie. So, I’ve made the decision to quit.

If I had stayed on the team it would have been for 2 reasons:

1. So I don’t have to run at night alone in the dark

2. To not be a quitter

Neither are good enough reasons to do something that really doesn’t bring me or anyone else any benefit. I’m a little sad to leave some of the nice “slower” girls that I’ve met but I feel like I have to do this for myself.

As for my own running, now that I’m not “in-training” any more (well as of this Sunday), I can be a little more flexible on how much and when I run. I’m excited to do some more interval training, spin classes, and weight lifting! Variety makes me happy 🙂

I’m off to do some homework!



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