Boston Half Marathon 10-10-10

13 Oct

I did it!

Time: 2:00:51

I truly had such a great time! I want to remember everything, so here goes…

I had a big bowl of whole wheat rotini with roasted veggies and pasta sauce for dinner at home. Afterwards I went over to Sean’s place where he had a cookie and a hot chocolate waiting for me 🙂 I hung out with Sean and Jer for a little while and then headed home around 10:30. I got everything ready and was in bed by around 11. I slept pretty well but I was definitely tired when my alarm went off at 6:10!

I had prepped my coffee the night before, so I just turned the coffee maker on and got dressed while it was brewing. I made my breakfast (2 slices ww bread with PB, Jelly, and a banana) and was eating my breakfast and drinking coffee by 6:20. I took my time reading a magazine and then sipping water. Right on cue, I headed to the bathroom 🙂 and then finished getting ready to go! I left the apartment by 7:15 and headed to Ruggles where I waited for the T with a bunch of other runners! We all got out at Forrest Hills and took the free shuttles waiting to take us to the starting line. It was a very smooth arrival!

The porta-potties were where things got dicey… The lines were SO LONG. I waited for about 25 minutes and then rushed over the Baggage Check (which was also mobbed with people!). Luckily, the volunteers just started taking bags and told us to head to the starting line. It was a close call, but I made it to the start with about 5 minutes to spare!

The weather was PERFECT. It was about 50 degrees and sunny at the start. I was definitely cold in only my shorts and t-shirt but 2 short miles in when I was warmed up, I was glad not to have my long-sleeve shirt! (I put my sweatpants and l/s in the bag I checked before the start).

The course was gorgeous! The start took us downhill for a while so it was hard to gauge my pace. Coupled with the crowd and the nerves, I had no idea whether I was starting out too fast or too slow! I ended up hitting the 1-mile mark at around 9:10.

One of the highlights was seeing Sean, Olga, and Matt at the around the 4.5 miles turnaround!! I was SO happy to see them!! They were tired, cold, and not feeling so hot so I know what a big deal it was for them!

For most of the way I felt like I was cruising! I ate raisins/Craisins and drank water around mile 4, took Gatorade at mile 6, had more raisins at mile 8, and more Gatorade at 9. I also drank water at every stop until mile 11.

The course is pretty cruel after 9! You head pretty much straight up hill and then turnaround and run the rolling hills back to around 11.5. You continue uphill around the Franklin Park Zoo and then finally turn onto a flat and head toward the stadium where the race ends on a track. It was pretty awesome finishing on the track because they don’t make you run that far, and I had a little kick left! I sprinted the last <200 in and finished before the clock hit 2:01!!

After the finish you grab your medal and then walk through the refreshment area to the shirts and baggage claim. The after-finish area is really well organized! I grabbed a few waters, a banana, bagel, some powerbars and granola. I took a mini PB&J burrito that Boloco was handing out (which I ate on the bus, and it was AMAZING) and drank a mini smoothie that B.Good was handing out. It was perfect 🙂

Sean was waiting for me after I got my stuff and snapped some finishers pictures!

After a pretty easy trip back via shuttle and T, I took an ice bath, showered, changed (into my new shirt!) and made a quick protein shake. I rushed over to church for 12:30 and made it on time! I’m really glad I went too.

Sean met me afterwards promptly at 1:30 and we went to Thornton’s for my post-race lunch! I had the Felix which was turkey, avocado, tomato on an english muffin topped with a poached egg. (I got the hollandaise on the side and didn’t end up liking it). I also got a slightly lame serving of too greasy fries. It was a great post-race meal, nutrient-wise 🙂

The rest of the day was spent working on my accounting assignment, napping, and basking in my glory!

Can’t wait for the next race 😉



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