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One of the best.weekends.ever

22 Nov

Let’s recap!


  • Lunch with a university VP and Sean
  • Work for a few min…
  • Great workout
  • Got all dressed up and hung out with Sean and the boys for a little
  • Gossip Girl session at Rachy’s


  • Great run (with Sean too!
  • Relaxing morning of breakfast, shower, laundry
  • Shopped all afternoon! Bought new pants!
  • Yoga with Carly
  • Ordered pizza, drank wine, and baked cookies with Sean!


  • Wonderfully productive day of homework in the living room with Sean!

It was pretty much my idea weekend 🙂 🙂

Quick, busy week ahead! I have a Spanish quiz on Monday and a Data Communication exam Tuesday before I head home for a lovely 5 day break! whoo hoo!




20 Nov

I love my Garmin 🙂 🙂

Sean ran the last 2 with me!

On tap for the rest of the day:

– Laundry

– NU Bball Game

– Shopping

– Yoga

…sounds like my ideal day!



20 Nov

Foam Roll (FR) ~5-7 min

Run 1 mile – 9:35

Push-ups on FR + Knee in’s – 15 each

Alternating cruches with progressing levers – 15 x 2 kinds

Push-up into Side Plank with Twist – 10

PB Walk Overs – 10 (eh)

Run 1 mile – 9:22

Push-ups on FR + Knee in’s – 15 each

Alternating cruches with progressing levers – 15 x 2 kinds

Push-up into Side Plank with Twist – 10

Run 1 mile – 9:19

Crunchy Frogs – 25

Cross-leg sit up and reach – 25

Scissors – 25

Hip Rock ‘n Raise – 25


TOTAL: 3 mi, 28:19, about an hour total

Felt good on the treadmill, but didn’t want to push it because I have a 6-7 mile long run planned for tomorrow.

Time to be a *real* college student and go out… 😦


Chicken Enchiladas

19 Nov

Chicken Enchiladas

makes 6 enchiladas

~1.5 lb boneless, skinless chicken breast

olive oil

1 green pepper, sliced into stips

minced garlic

6 whole wheat tortillas, small- med size

shredded cheddar cheese

green chile enchilada sauce

Saute chicken in skillet until lightly browned. Remove to bowl to cool slightly. Add more olive oil to pan and saute pepper and minced garlic. When chicken in lightly cooled, shred with two forks. In 8×8 inch pan, add a tortilla and roll with chicken, a few slices of pepper, a spoonful of enchilada sauce, and a small handful of cheese. Continue until pan is full.

Top with sauce followed by cheese.

Bake in 350° degree oven for 20 minutes covered in foil. Uncover and bake until cheese is melted.

To be honest…

19 Nov

It felt like I was absent for MORE than 1 month!

Oh well. It’s funny, I still document parts of my day in my head but then literally just never type anything up! Hopefully I get a camera for Christmas and it prompts me to take more pictures and write more posts.

Well, since my last post I’ve had a serious second round interview for an awesome company. I travelled to CT to the headquarters. It was a really great experience, and I should* hear back from them tomorrow!!!!!

My Uncle Vince passed away on 11/4. It was very sudden and extremely sad. His kids (my cousins) are so young 😦 As a result, I went home for my birthday weekend. We had a great low-key family celebration with chili and cornbread in the living room! I got some cool running clothes and my LOVE….


When I got back to school, there was more celebrating to be had! Sean surprised me when I got back by waiting in my room with my gift! I was SO nice to see him after a miserable travel experience back. He gave me an AWESOME Kenneth Cole black strapped silver watch! His card was amazing too ❤ Olga gave me an cool guide to Seville and a gift card to Lululemon! Her and Justine decorated the apartment and baked an apple cake on Thursday night (11/11) and Justine gave me an awesome set of PJ’s! What a FUN birthday!

Last weekend I went to Boston Mania. It was AWESOME. I need to do a post on everything I learned. I wrote it down on paper but it would be great to capture it online. I bought the Ultimate 6 TP Therapy Kit and have been using it everyday! It’s great 🙂

It’s been a relatively busy few weeks and I’m glad Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I just need to “gut it out” and do well in school these last few weeks.

That’s the update!

I will be back with my Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge explanation!