To be honest…

19 Nov

It felt like I was absent for MORE than 1 month!

Oh well. It’s funny, I still document parts of my day in my head but then literally just never type anything up! Hopefully I get a camera for Christmas and it prompts me to take more pictures and write more posts.

Well, since my last post I’ve had a serious second round interview for an awesome company. I travelled to CT to the headquarters. It was a really great experience, and I should* hear back from them tomorrow!!!!!

My Uncle Vince passed away on 11/4. It was very sudden and extremely sad. His kids (my cousins) are so young 😦 As a result, I went home for my birthday weekend. We had a great low-key family celebration with chili and cornbread in the living room! I got some cool running clothes and my LOVE….


When I got back to school, there was more celebrating to be had! Sean surprised me when I got back by waiting in my room with my gift! I was SO nice to see him after a miserable travel experience back. He gave me an AWESOME Kenneth Cole black strapped silver watch! His card was amazing too ❤ Olga gave me an cool guide to Seville and a gift card to Lululemon! Her and Justine decorated the apartment and baked an apple cake on Thursday night (11/11) and Justine gave me an awesome set of PJ’s! What a FUN birthday!

Last weekend I went to Boston Mania. It was AWESOME. I need to do a post on everything I learned. I wrote it down on paper but it would be great to capture it online. I bought the Ultimate 6 TP Therapy Kit and have been using it everyday! It’s great 🙂

It’s been a relatively busy few weeks and I’m glad Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner. I just need to “gut it out” and do well in school these last few weeks.

That’s the update!

I will be back with my Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge explanation!



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